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Hey I'm Chiedo and I'm the leader of FB30. A community all about developing and uniting entrepreneurs passionate about serving. Through our rock-solid team and community partners, we provide everything entrepreneurs and startups need to grow their businesses while maximizing the good they do in their neighborhoods and cities.

Create opportunities for others. It comes back around.

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Entrepreneurs persistently seek opportunities and risk their own time or money to creatively build businesses and causes way greater than themselves. We want to help you be a light in your city.

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    Is your mind always active? Always coming up with new ideas for apps, businesses and everything under the sun? Click here for help focusing your passion.

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    Is freelancing not what you expected? Do you feel like you created a job for yourself with no benefits and no vacation? Click here to break free and regain your passion.

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    Are you already running a successful company? Or are you in a unique position to mentor others. Click here for an invitation to our entrepreneur community.

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