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Dune – Pros and cons – – ​​Cinema, TV and Homevideo

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the probable line-ups for Fantasy Football and where to see it on TV

In the match valid for the 5th day of Serie A, Fiorentina hosts Inter at the Franchi. The Viola are returning from a good victory on the Genoa field, while Inzaghi’s team arrives in Florence after having scored 6 goals against Bologna. Let’s see together the probable formations of Fiorentina-Inter:

The probable formations of Fiorentina-Inter

In Fiorentina, the conditions of Nico Gonzalez, who has suffered from a small muscle problem, must be evaluated. Precaution could prevail and therefore in its place could see from the first minute Saponara, after the excellent entry into the field in Genoa. Italian in conference confirmed the absence of Castrovilli who will be replaced by Duncan. Odriozola on the right should grit his teeth, otherwise Benassi is ready. Callejon still has the advantage over Sottil, who could find a shirt even if he were to visit Nico Gonzalez. Milenkovic will take back a shirt as a starter in the center of defense, while Torreira is playing the place with Pulgar.

Inter are preparing for an insidious away match, and will do so without Vidal, who will officially remain in the pits for Wednesday night’s match. Correa will also be absent; the two South Americans are also at risk for the weekend match against Atalanta. In attack there will therefore be Dzeko in place of the former Lazio, while both Calhanoglu and Perisic should return from the first minute, even if they remain in a run-off with Vecino and Dimarco, who have performed well against Bologna. In defense there will be no variations.

FIORENTINA (4-3-3) – Dragowski; Odriozola, Milenkovic, Martinez Quarta, Biraghi; Bonaventura, Torreira, Duncan; Callejon, Vlahovic, Saponara. All .: Italian.

INTER (3-5-2) – Handanovic; Skriniar, De Vrij, Batons; Dumfries, Barella, Brozovic, Calhanoglu, Perisic; Lautaro, Dzeko. Herds Inzaghi.

Fiorentina-Inter: where to see it on TV

Fiorentina-Inter live TV will be broadcast on Dazn. The live broadcast from Artemio Franchi will start at 8.45 pm.

We also remember that the match Fiorentina-Inter will be visible on compatible latest generation Smart TVs and, again via the app, on all televisions connected to the TIMVISION BOX, to a PlayStation 4/5 or Xbox console (One, One S, One X, Series X, Series S) or to an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast device.

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«Body horror and extreme sex? For me Titane is a love story »-

from Stefania Ulivi

Julia Ducournau, Palme d’Or in Cannes with the black tale with Agathe Rousselle and Vincent Lindon, out in Italy. “It’s a personal film, I don’t pretend to convince everyone”

“I haven’t had much time to realize what happened in Cannes yet.” That is the Palme d’Or spoiled at the beginning of the ceremony by the president of the jury Spike Lee, struck by his Titane, “A film with a Cadillac that gets a woman pregnant, just a mixture of genius and madness”, greeted by her with emotion at the cry: “Thank you for letting the monsters in.” Since last July Julia Ducournau has brought to the world, between festival and promotion, a work destined to divide critics and spectators. «It is a very personal work, not a manifesto, it represents my vision of life and freedom, in terms of gender, love, sexuality. I understand it can surprise you, I don’t pretend to please everyone ». The 37-year-old director came to Rome for the Italian release of the film (with IWonder, from today only at the Sala Troisi, freshly reopened, from 1 October throughout Italy) speaks of generational change. “I think my victory and interest in the film have to do with the fact that my generation, all over the world, has never been ashamed to embrace the code of horror, in a broad sense, as a language, way of thinking. We grew up with films like Alien, Terminator, mixing plans comes naturally ». Also mix influences. Cronenberg of course – who, remember, in 1996 did not manage to win the Palme d’Or with Crash – but also Fellini and Pasolini. “I owe them a lot, seeing their films has opened up spaces in my head that weren’t there before. I was struck by the absolute freedom of their work. And, in the case of Pasolini, one cannot ignore the extreme sacrifice of his parable ».

She is already working on two new projects, one in France and one in the USA where M. Night Shyamalan opened the doors for her, who had her direct two episodes of his Servant series and co-produced Titane. It is not known whether they will be new chapters of his very personal poetics of monstrosity, after the cannibal student of Raw and the titanic serial killer capable of melting the head of the firefighters passionate about bodybuilding. Body horror define it, she specifies: “I use the codes and grammar of body horror, but I don’t think it connotes my cinema. What is important to me is to tell the transformation, not just physical, of the characters. Not only by Alexia (Agathe Rousselle) but also by Vincent (Vincent Lindon). Who joined the film in a moving way, I did not expect him to be so in tune with us. It is more he than she who is blowing up gender stereotypes ». At the end of it all, he says, Titane is simply ‘un love movie. It is difficult to talk about it, we no longer know what it is. For me it is an evolution, continuous and elusive, something mythological. Words are not enough, I tried to say it with pictures. Everyone judges him as he wants ». Golden year for female directors, Oscar, Palme d’Or, Golden Lion. “It was enough to leave the doors open, we took our space.” In a few days, France will decide which title to nominate for the best international film of the Academy Awards. Predictable a Cannes / Venice derby, Titane against 12 weeks by Audrey Diwan. “Whatever happens, a great dilemma, isn’t it?”

His film opens, from 21 September, in Rome the new life of the Troisi Room, reopened in Trastevere under the management of the Piccolo America Association. «Admiration is the first word that comes spontaneously to me: admiration, because I am very impressed by the strength of this team and by this story that moves me very much. Thanks very much to this group of determined youngsters, for their courage, for this test of openness of mind ». Lindon echoes it, it is said: «deeply admired by the titanic struggle, to use an adjective that links the commitment of these young people with the title of the film. I rarely happen to be, but today I am really moved, by this act of extreme courage and great sacrifice, but also by this exquisitely political act of opening up spaces for culture to young people and attracting them beyond the world of the Internet ». And to those who ask her if she heard about Moretti’s ironic post, in Cannes with Three floors, to be released on September 23, who posted a retouched photo of him on Instagram with the comment «Aging suddenly. It happens. Especially if your film takes part in a festival. And it doesn’t win. And instead another film wins, in which the protagonist gets pregnant with a Cadillac. You age suddenly. Sure, ”the director replies. ‘Have you seen my film? Without seeing how a judgment can be made? Please Nanni, watch the film ». From the Nuovo Sacher to the Troisi Room, after all, it is a few steps.

September 20, 2021 (change September 20, 2021 | 20:39)

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Coronavirus, in the US the deaths exceed those of the Spanish flu: there are over 675,000

The number of deaths linked to the Coronavirus in the United States has exceeded that caused by the Spanish flu in 1918. According to the latest official data from John Hopkins University, deaths from Covid have reached an altitude 675.446 and have thus exceeded the deaths of a century ago, equal to 675,000. All the scientific advances recorded in the last 103 years have therefore not served to avoid such a heavy toll in terms of human lives. Among the most valuable teachings left by the Spanish there is certainly the importance of not abandoning personal safety precautions too soon, the need not to spread a sense of security among young and healthy individuals and the recommendation not to rely on cures and treatments not approved by science.

These lessons learned from the past were collected in an article by Cnn. The 1918 flu pandemic has several points in common with that of Covid but the biggest difference lies in the fact that the populations of the time did not have a vaccine available that could protect them from contagion or disease. Over 100 years later, if scientific advances have not served to avoid the pandemic that has hit the world since the end of 2019, they have instead proved to be fundamental in identifying as soon as possible the pharmacological combinations suitable to protect the community from Covid. But despite the availability of several vaccines against the virus, millions of Americans have not yet undergone the first dose. A choice in many cases fueled by the spread of fake news, conspiracies and denial in general that run at great speeds on the internet.

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“The sentences of Sergio Mattarella”, what no one imagined about the head of state – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Repice he is the king of radio commentators, the heir of Carosio and Ameri, of Gentili and Cucchi. It is one of the columns of All football minute by minute. “A technically very strong team with fantastic guys for their skill, competence and application”. Interviewed by Newspaper he remembers how he approached the radio: “I remember Ameri in a Juventus-Roma match: he intervened to say that Turone had scored but offside. I was in Turin, with the headset in my ears and I said: ahò, but which offside? An injustice that I still cannot digest today. Football has changed but the best way to see a match is always on the pitch with headphones “, he warns.

The first hitches: Juventus-Rome 2001, key game for the Scudetto, I was on the sidelines, I suffered from hell even if I told the game in an icy way. Juve scores twice, we reassemble them. At the end of the game I run on the pitch between Batistuta and Totti, waving my ears to the Roma fans. But there was a photographer of Tuttosport. The next morning my editor-in-chief Marco Martegani calls me and tells me in a gloomy voice: go and see what kind of masterpiece you have done. On Tuttosport there was my photo with a title: Radio commentator Rai celebrates with the curve. I sank. I thought my career was over before it even startedand remember.

Finally also a revelation about its first director: “Sergio Mattarella. He was the political director of the People. A man of very few words, spoken in a very low voice, but those few were sentences: when he said I’m not convinced it had to be enough for you. And change everything. “The memory of the European football championships won by Italy is still fresh, with a tragicomic personal episode:” Jorginho’s penalty against Spain, the decisive one. I was about to say now from 11 meters that Jorginho never misses penalties, but I bit my tongue. So I started saying just Jorginho, just Jorginho, just Jorginho. Seven times. But he put it in. “

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Tuttosport opens with Allegri’s fury: “And they want to play for Juve!”

“And they want to play for Juve!”. With this quotation mark from Massimiliano Allegri, today’s edition of Tuttosport: all the fury of the Juventus coach, who uttered these words on leaving the field after the draw with Milan.

The postponement – “Napoli first!”, We read on the shoulder instead. 4-0 in Udine of the Campanians: Osimhen, Rrahmani, Koulibaly and Lozano stretch the Friulians. Extraordinary show of strength and great football by Luciano Spalletti’s team.

Fiorentina-Inter – Always on the shoulder there is also space for the big match of the Franks scheduled for this evening: “Dzeko, night from Lukaku against Vlahovic”, headlines the newspaper.

Brekalo – “I play for my father who died in the war”. With this title, the newspaper introduces the journey to discover the former Wolfsburg. Discovering the new ace of Taurus: “Modric my model”.

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Pope Francis, Archbishop Ján Babjak positive for Covid with whom the Holy Father concelebrated

The Greek-Catholic Metropolitan Archbishop of Prešov, in Slovakia, Ján Babjak, that has concelebrated with the Pope in recent days it is in forty after last Saturday it turned out positive for Covid. The archdiocese of Prešov gave the news by letting it be known that on Friday the bishop had begun to show cold symptoms.

Babjak is vaccinated and, as the archdiocese always reports, shows mild symptoms of the disease. Babjak, 67, Metropolitan Archbishop of Prešov, concelebrated the Liturgy of John Chrysostom in Prešov on Tuesday together with Pope Francis during the pontiff’s apostolic visit, and was also present at several other meetings with the Holy Father. The leaders of the archdiocese informed the secretariat of the Slovak Bishops’ Conference which informed the Vatican, and all the bishops who may have been in contact with Msgr. Babjak.

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Ita, the hiring of pilots and assistants starts today (without national contract). Protest the Alitalia people

Tension skyrocketing Ita. Yesterday the recruitment campaign for the new Italian airline, which is known, aims to hire 2,800 pilots, flight attendants and ground staff, started between a very harsh demonstration and the peaceful occupation of the newco headquarters by union representatives. . The recruitment plan wanted by the president Alfredo Altavilla, a plan that provides for the direct call and without the application of the national contract, triggered the reaction of all the trade unions, from the confederal to the Cobas which, after meeting with the top management of yesterday afternoon, they expected at least the start of a mediation. Altavilla, on the other hand, was adamant, reiterating that the new company regulations will be applied to the letter. And that there is now no room for negotiation: “The trade union proposals are unacceptable.”

Ita, for the unions it is total rupture: the negotiation on the new employee contract has also failed

Every day – the company calculates – about 100-150 candidates between pilots and flight attendants will be selected and then hired. We start today with the aim of closing quickly. To deliver the names for the crews to ENAC by 23 September. Provided that new twists do not change the direction of travel undertaken by the company since yesterday there were more than a thousand at Eur – under the company’s headquarters – protesting with smoke bombs and flags against the company’s choices. And just to increase the pressure Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti, Ug, Usb, Fast Confsal and the professional associations Anpac, Anpav, Anp and Navaid, did not leave the negotiating table, remaining assaulted in the offices of Viale dell’Arte di Ita all night.

The hard line chosen is a way to overcome the barrage of the unions that oppose, according to the calculations of the workers’ organizations, the 30-40% salary cut, the reduction of the vacation amount and the company bonus linked to the achievement of a certain level of productivity at the end of the plan. Sacrifices, say to Fit-Cisl, unacceptable that would lead an Ita pilot to earn less than an equal degree of Ryanair or, just to give another example, cut the salary of a flight attendant by 30% compared to what he took in Alitalia . Of course, the company is on the opposite side and talks about lower wages, but still in line with the market. Be that as it may, by the weekend the names of the crews of the 52 aircraft acquired by the extraordinary administration must be delivered to ENAC: 7 Airbus 330, 45 Airbus 320 family. To the new hires, chosen from among the 29,500 who applied, Altavilla will apply an individual contractual regulation and not the national contract, paying a lower salary of 15-25% compared to the Alitalia average. Within a few hours Ita expects to recruit about 550 pilots, 1,000 flight attendants and 1,250 for ground personnel. And so close the circle of protest. “The success of the initiative – says the company – depends on the real discontinuity with the past”.

In the evening, a very harsh joint communiqué from the trade unions arrived. “The position taken by Ita is very serious and incomprehensible, also because the negotiations could have continued and instead the company has set conditions halter”. The secretaries of the transport sector of Cgil, Cisl and Uil, respectively Stefano Malorgio, Salvatore Pellecchia and Claudio Tarlazzi, asked for the immediate intervention of the Ministry of Economy, the sole shareholder of Ita, for a mediation in extremis. “We hope – they stressed – that common sense prevails and that spirits are not further exasperated, but that instead we realize that we are facing the fate of 10,500 workers”. Today a demonstration in New Year’s Eve and permanent mobilization, with the confirmation of the 24-hour strike of all air transport for Friday.
The pressure on the Ministry of Labor continues to extend the Cigs for employees who will remain trapped in Alitalia.



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CorSport: Spalletti gives a football lesson that all coaches should study with humility

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Vaccines, on the first day of third dose administrations to 6,803 fragile

That’s who the third dose is for

The vulnerable categories who are entitled to the third dose are indicated in a circular from the Ministry of Health: they are immunocompromised, transplanted, cancer patients with certain specificities. A total of 931 thousand people are interested.

How to request the third dose The people who fall within the target will be contacted directly or can contact the regional call centers. Administration should take place at least 28 days after the last dose (second or single dose).

Then the “booster” doses will come for those who, after some time, or perhaps because of the variants, need a dose of reinforcement in the face of the drop in immune coverage such as over 80, residents in the RSA and healthcare professionals. This to be administered 6 months after the last dose.